Renewal Service

Service descriptions 

We offer standard extended warranty services to our clients, i.e. standard technical support services for one year or over multiple years. Our suppliers also provide back-to-back technical support to us. Within the warranty period, we will provide various types of services to our clients, including RMA spare part replacement, fast fault response, field technical support, regular patrol inspection, technical support services via our 7x24h hotline and technical consulting services.


Definition of standard service levels - troubleshooting



Benefits to the clients 

Longer warranty period and continuous professional technical supports; 

Global/national spare part supplies from the original manufacturer;

Regular software updating services from the original manufacturer; 

Online registration and support services available on the website of the original manufacturer;

Technical consulting, equipment configuration and operating instructions; fast software and hardware troubleshooting; software updating proposals and other support services; 

Spare part stock services from Xinhua Times.

Professional Services