Planning and Design

Xinhua Times provides heterogeneous network communication services to clients. Based on data communication SLA goals, it offers heterogeneous network planning and design services to clients at optimal costs. It has a multitude of technicians who are familiar with the technologies of various mainstream players in the data communication sector and it has also accumulated massive best practices in network planning and design in the process of services. Our architecture designers in the data communication sector have passed the highest-level technical certifications by mainstream industrial players, including Cisco, H3C, Huawei and Maipu etc.




Support client’s business development plans and core business demands; establish network plans and design standards that are forward-looking, stable, flexible, reliable, safe and cost efficient and fit in with client’s business development plans and core business demands.



Network capacity, performance and reliability plan; 

Security, service and application-oriented planning and design; 

Data center network system planning and design; 

Planning and design of headquarters and regional trunk networks; 

Campus network and LAN planning and design; 

Internet access planning and design; 

Unified communication network planning and design; 

Wireless access planning and design; 

3G service access planning. 

Professional Services