Service descriptions 

Xinhua Times will evaluate the security conditions of client’s network to obtain necessary reference data for our subsequent work and forecast the requirement of evolution of business demand on a network.



Descriptions of evaluation work 

Colligate the information acquired from health checkups; 

Cross-departmental personnel communications; 

Data collection; 

Network topology collection; 

Collection of various types of network monitoring and control platform data;

Relevant data analysis;

Formulate evaluation reports to comment on, forecast and analyze client’s network conditions.


Descriptions of optimization work 

1. Provide corresponding optimization proposals and measures according to the network condition evaluation and analysis report. 

It shall include the following content: 

Network architecture optimization proposals; 

Network protocol (IP/SNA/voice/video and others) optimization proposals; 

Network security strategy and security configuration optimization proposals; 

Network conformity proposals; 

Analysis of development trend of new technologies and their applications in the future. 

2. Formulate the corresponding optimization plans according to the production conditions of the client and validate the optimization plans in a test environment or the real network environment together with the client so as to avoid possible risks. 

3. Provide field assistance and support during the deployment of network optimization plans.

4. Trace, analyze and evaluate the implementation results, formulate an evaluation report and analyze the effectiveness of the optimization work after the optimization plan is implemented.


Files to be submitted 

Schedule of Data Collection Requirements 

General Network Structure Optimization Proposals 

Network Optimization Implementation Scheme 

Network Optimization Effectiveness Evaluation

Professional Services