Network Administration

Network administration solution 

As an expert in supplying network administration solutions to large-size financial enterprises, Xinhua Times has summarized a network service model (Version 2.1) based on our rich operation and maintenance experience. We have introduced in this model a solution oriented to the analysis, definition, monitoring and management of the service layer.


Network Service Model (Version 2.1)


Based on the above model and IBM Tivoli product solution, we have supplemented the features of configuration management and security management. We can supply integrated network operation and maintenance management solutions.


Network Operation and Maintenance Management Platform Architecture


The solutions include: 

1. General event management; 

2. General statistical report; 

3. Performance and capacity management; 

4. Configuration management; 

5. Security information management; 

6. Security management.


Features of the solutions: 

1.Breakthrough made in the original unidirectional concept, i.e. oriented to technology or customer; review and analyze the features and KPI of the targets from the perspective of operation and maintenance management; 

2.Targets of administration from network elements to network communication elevated, hence realizing business-based availability administration and service level administration; 

3.The “plug-in, distributive and modular” management system architectural design fully represents the features of operation and maintenance management, i.e. “platform-based system, collective management, distributed handling and independent operation”. It can rapidly integrate and create highly practical industrial solutions; 

4.With a high degree of scalability and flexibility, it can not only integrate third-party administration software or the customer’s proprietary platform and safeguard user’s existing investments, but also become integrated with the businesses if necessary so as to realize streamlined operation and maintenance management and increase operation and maintenance efficiency.