IT Management Outsourcing Services

As an important partner of IBM/HP/BMC, Xinhua Times has an enormous gathering of certified professional technical experts who possess rich experience in the management of large-scale projects. We have years of experience in IT service management and we are familiar with the features of products of different manufacturers and in different management sectors and also the best solutions. 

With the continuous expansion of software and hardware platforms following informatization,  enterprises face tremendous pressures in data storage and security, IT service management, user security strategies and other sectors. Therefore, it is a top priority for the client to select an appropriate IT management solution. For that reason, it is essential to the success of an IT service management project to find an experienced professional service provider.


Based on the best practice ITIL and COBIT theories, Xinhua Times has summarized the methodologies for the implementation of IT management services. Relying on our service professionals, rich management experience and stringent procedural system, we can offer our clients a well-established IT management service system.




Scope of services 

Consulting services: assess and analyze the current conditions of the client and provide corresponding consulting reports. 

Installation and deployment services: plan the environment and architecture of product installation and complete installation and deployment.

Updating services: assess the feasibility of system updating, determine the optimal version and help the client to update the system and migrate data.

Optimization services: conduct an all-around evaluation of the network administration system and provide corresponding optimization proposals. 

Patrol inspection services: system backup, health checkup and patrol inspection report. 

Training service: provide professional training services on basic features, system setup and routine maintenance of products. 

Field services: provide 5x8h field services.

Professional Services