Company History

New Xinhua, New Times 

Guangzhou Xinhua Times Data System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinhua Times) was incorporated in 1999. From 1999 to 2007, Xinhua was jointly managed by its majority shareholder Hong Kong Sunwah Group and its senior management personnel. After eight years of development in the IT integration and service sector, Xinhua Times has become an outstanding domestic IT integration service provider in the finance, telecommunication and government sectors. 

In 2008, a brand-new management team took over the majority ownership and management of Xinhua Times and clarified Xinhua Times as an IT service and IT service management contractor. We started a new course of development from then on.

From 2008 to 2009, we made outstanding achievements in the sectors of financial industrial network and network management integration services, ranking No. 1 in the sector of financial industrial network integration. During these two years, our core team took the leadership in establishing our corporate philosophy of “perseverance, honesty and meticulosity” through practice. We decided to enhance our competitiveness before expanding our businesses. This marks the beginning of our efforts to establish our core competitiveness in the IT service sector.

In 2010, we invested heavily in developing network automation service software in our most familiar network service sector and started to summarize the previous experience and expertise that we had acquired in the network service sector with an aim to establishing our core competitiveness in IT services. This year, we successfully expanded our service network across seven provinces and four municipalities in China.

In 2011, our network automation tools were launched onto the market and were endorsed by multiple influential clients after their use. Today, this product accounts for nearly 50% of the large account network administration and integration market of the financial industry and monitors and controls nearly 150,000 units of network equipment. We have supplied 22 successful solutions in the financial industry, covering the three major sectors of network, information security and IT management. This year, we started to provide network services in the Central China Region and our network has expanded to eleven provinces and four municipalities across China.

In 2012, we once again clarified our development strategy of “customized solutions and highly efficient IT services based on network services”. Our customized IT solutions are formulated according to customer needs and on the basis of standard solutions of IT suppliers, which offer the optimal combinations that are the most suitable for the clients. Highly efficient standard network services = network engineers + standards + procedures + tools. Standards not only include service standards, but also network hardware, software, configuration and status standards. Our highly efficient network services are the processes to combine our network integration services, network administration integration services and our self-developed software product NAT, aiming for highly reliable service quality and they are also the processes of integration and unifying efforts of our three major technical teams. Year 2012 marks the launch of our highly efficient network services to the market.

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